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Why pay upwards of $20 for one of those phony beginner's hints websites, when you can have it all, plus more, for FREE?

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Well, for each year, there's a contribution award. Our first award is for the year 2009 (Jan 1 - Dec 31), and required 5 article submissions, or additional information for current articles. Learn more here. Persons who contribute will be awarded one shirt, with the option of button up long sleeve, polo short sleeve, long sleeve t-shirt, or short sleeve t-shirt.

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Featured Articles
Product Reviews
Quick Review: True Line Trains MP36
Checking out the TLT MP36, details and operation
I was afforded the opportunity to stretch the legs so to say, of my new True Line Trains HO scale Metrolink (SCAX) MP36PH-3C on the overshadowed San Diego Model Railroad Association's HO scale San Diego & Arizona Eastern layout in Balboa park, San Diego.
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Prototype: Railfanning
Chasing UP 844 over Cajon, November 2011
UP's Living Legend's first trip over Cajon in 22 years.

July 2011 was when UP announced 844 would be visiting Arizona and New Mexico for there centennial celebrations.
Read more

Non Scale Specific
RPM West Coast 2012
RPM West Coast was held April 14th 2012
For it's second year being known as RPM West Coast, the meet was moved forward and held April 14th 2012, earlier this year then years past.
Read more

Whole Layout Articles
Our Train Layout Room
Located in Harmon Senior Recreation Center, 4090 South 3600 West, Salt Lake City

-by Neva F.

Read more

Paint & Weathering Sponsored by:<br /> Custom Painting Services
Weathering an ExactRail Greenville Boxcar
An HO scale endeavor.
This article shows how I accomplished patching and weathering of an ExactRail Greenville 60' double plug door boxcar.  Patching, repainting the doors, adding rust and some decals.  Also, note there are TWO videos showing two of the weathering techniques used here.
Read more

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