Removing an Aurora Miniatures Truck

Recently I was contracted to weather the newly released Otter Valley 6400cf scrap/trash gondola. In the process I noted that the trucks need an extra step to remove and weather. While these cars are Otter Valley (OVR) they're manufactured by Aurora Miniatures so the removal will apply to their models too.

These 6400 (and future 6000cf) gons represent the last half decade of production, and are suitable for the ultra modern modeler.

Aurora has taken an extra step to make the underside visual more realistic. This includes a plastic cover over the common 2/56 screw that holds our scale truck on the car.

To remove I simply slid a pair of tweezers between the cover and the truck, at the same time pulling the tips away from the car body.

As you see above two small pins press hold the cover on.


While not complex, the new concept can be confusing  but we at Model Railroad Tips are actually excited for future OVR/Aurora releases!